A psychic medium, energy worker, writer and creator, I have been gathering with women in sacred circles since 2016. In 2017 I co-created Sacred Sisters Clan – a monthly gathering for women to share, reflect, manifest, and raise energy together – which I continue to co-facilitate. I have also provided healing as a certified Reiki Master since 2017 when I was taught and attuned by Marie Manuchehri.

In 1999 at twelve years old, I picked up my first Tarot deck in a local shop and started reading for others in 2016. Tarot is my favorite divination tool to incorporate into intuitive readings, and I also use it as a part of my daily morning ritual. As a psychic medium, I receive information and connect with Spirits predominantly through clairaudience and clairvoyance.

Outside of spiritual work, I also enjoy quality time with my family, hiking, lifting weights, and getting lost in the old books section of my local used bookstore. I reside in the greater Seattle area with my husband and son where I continue to live my life by the moon and seasons.