Heidi Lane, Psychic Medium and Reiki Master

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I intuitively receive information through clairaudience, clairvoyance, medium communication and Tarot. My goal is to help my clients gain clarity so that they can better find the way forward in their lives. I provide Psychic Readings and Reiki Sessions, as well as e-mail Tarot Readings. Based in Redmond, WA, I offer long-distance sessions and make house calls. Find out more about these services today.



Phases to Loving You
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Heidi Lane Tarot Reader
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“In need of some self-care, relaxation and spiritual guidance in physical and energetic healing, I reached out to Heidi for a reiki session. Heidi’s intuitive abilities are beyond any that I have experienced. She unveiled blocks to my healing and happiness, in order for me to move forward and live a life of fulfillment. She also brought physical relief to aches and pains that had been stubborn for years, although I had never told her where they were or that they even existed. I recommend Heidi for anyone on a path of healing, emotionally, spiritually or physically, those in need of a little direction, or those simply in need of some relaxation and self-care. You never know what you might experience.” ~ Haley

“I am so grateful and fortunate to have had more than one distance Reiki session with Heidi. Each one left me relaxed and renewed. I originally wanted to do Reiki for energy clearing and relaxation but I got so much more!  In our recent session, she identified hot spots in areas where I was experiencing pain and through her energy work helped alleviate much of that pain.  The insight and guidance Heidi received help set me on a path to physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I also received a Tarot reading which was on point and particularly helpful in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Heidi and look forward to my next session.“ ~ Patty